ICCONA - The Inspired Christian, Catholic, & Orthodox Church

At this time, our vocation recruitment remains open to all men residing in the United States.

​Our Mission at St. Michael's Seminary(SMS) has one purpose - to train clergy for the Inspired Christian, Catholic, & Orthodox Church. It is set up so that those called to the priesthood in the Catholic Tradition may prepare for ministry without leaving his or her home, employment, or local church.  St. Michael's Seminary is a non residential, distance learning  seminary. The goal is to educate, examine, and otherwise prepare those who are called to serve as a priest in ICCONA. Many are hearing the call in mid-life, or even later, and cannot leave home, employment and family to attend a full-time residential seminary. St. Michael's Seminary does not hold regional academic accreditation. The education and practicum training at St. Michael's Seminary is solely to ordain Deacons and Priests for ICCONA. The Conference of Bishops authorizes the Seminary to issue the following Theological Degrees to those students who are discerning ordination. 

​ Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies
Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry
Master's degree in Divinity
Doctor's degree in Sacred Theology

All practicums are arranged and approved by the Academic Dean and the Presiding Bishop. The Bachelor's degree programs are administered by a person who has
​at least a Master's degree. All Master's and Doctor's degree programs are administered by a person with a Doctor's degree.
All students must be interviewed by the Ordinary of the Diocese and have Level II Background check before starting studies. If you are interested in answering your call with us, you may e-mail us at: 
aharvey@iccona.org for all who are located anywhere

If interested in incardination -please contact Archbishop Albert Harvey at aharvey@iccona.org

​ or write to: 

The Inspired Christian, Catholic, & Orthodox Church

Archbishop Albert Harvey, DD

1577 CR 639

​Dayton, TX 77535

 If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart. Psalm 95:8 ​Hebrews 3:15