I = Inspired:          The leadership of our church have been "Inspired" by                                the "Holy Spirit", to "Re-build" our Lord's Church here                              on earth. Each member of our clergy has been gifted                                with the Holy Spirit, by a laying on of hands, which                                  can be traced back to one of the original Apostles of                                  our Lord, Jesus Christ.

C = Christian:         ICCONA is first and foremost a "Christian Church" in                                that we truly believe that Jesus Christ is our true Lord                              and Savior. Jesus Christ is the true head of our                                        church, and we affirm this during each Mass.

C = Catholic:          The term "Catholic" means "Universal", and we are                                  truly a part of the Universal Church. As St. Ignatius                                  wrote, in his letter to the Smyrnaeans in about the                                  year 110 A.D.; "Wheresoever the bishop shall appear,                              there let the people be, even as where Jesus may be,                                there is the universal (Katholike) Church.

​O = Orthodox:        We, at ICCONA, are "Orthodox", meaning that we                                    adhere to the correct, accepted creeds, and conform

                             to the Christian Faith as it was represented in the                                    creeds of the early church. The first seven Ecumenical                              Councils, which were held between the years of 325                                  and 787 A.D, with the aim of formalizing accepted


N and A​ = North America:    We are a church that is based here in                                        North America (An "Old Church" for a "New World")

             ​     So, as you can see, ICCONA is an acronym for:

​The Inspired Christian, Catholic, & Orthodox Church (in  North America)

Welcome to the website of ICCONA.  We are an Inspired, Christian, Catholic, & Orthodox; church who's roots come from The Utrecht Union Of Churches (Traditional Old Catholic Church). We, at ICCONA, follow Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition as our “one deposit of Faith.”    

​Most people refer to the word “Catholic,” and immediately infer that we are Roman Catholics, we are not, although we share the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith."

ICCONA uses the original liturgy of the English speaking congregations, who were in communion with the Ancient Archiepiscopal See of Utrecht.


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